Working with our corporate and community partners, our employment efforts yield significant returns through increased retention rates and more motivated and successful employees.

We find meaningful ways to connect opportunity youth, local organizations, and businesses through catalytic hiring events that foster connections and job offers.

Since 2018, we’ve achieved tangible results that are unrivaled by other efforts, including on-the-spot job offers in our pilot communities!


Retention rates for opportunity youth are 300% higher than their peers
Up to 47% of participants at Opportunity Youth Job fairs were hired on the spot
opportunity youth hired in entry-level jobs since 2015

We’ve found that the 100,000 Opportunity youth are retaining jobs better and getting promoted faster because they're hungry for that opportunity. A lot of time we find employees who are kind of complacent but these youth that are part of this coalition are not complacent whatsoever.

Brian SmithRecruitment Marketing Analyst, Chipotle

“Getting a job with Pizza Hut can help me pay for college and get a degree…With a job, I can do everything I need to. It’ll help me start a life on my own.”

WesleyDallas opportunity youth


Our coalition members and partners have taken proactive steps to make an impact, including:


FedEx created an employment pathways program to place individuals with unique barriers to employment in jobs, in collaboration with employers in need of talent.


Starbucks made a commitment to hire 100,000 opportunity youth by 2020, and formed a Youth Leadership Council that has provided input on recruiting strategies and benefits.


Walmart developed an education benefit where its associates can earn a Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree for $1/day, as part of its efforts to retain more entry-level employees.

Our goal is for a million opportunity youth to be hired by 2025.

Our community is strongest when individuals and companies get involved.

Join us in our work

Through this partnership with the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, we'll be able to equip more young Washingtonians with the skills they need to succeed in DC’s job market, help them find jobs in the community, and get them on pathways to the middle class.

The Honorable Muriel BowserMayor of Washington, D.C.