Hiring opportunity youth helps businesses thrive—we’re working with more than 55 nationwide companies who recognize the value of engaging with young workers.

Each partner shares a commitment to helping opportunity youth connect with employers, develop job skills, and embark on a long-term pathway of success.

To ensure success in hiring and retention, our partner employers gain access to:


Immediate access to an under-utilized talent pool of opportunity youth who have the skills and ability to successfully take on entry-level roles.


A pipeline to organizations that provide skills training, education services, and case management to opportunity youth, increasing the likelihood of a successful hire.


A network of employers and organizations who share best hiring and retention practices, to learn from our unique experiences and collectively build on our success.

Community Impact

A positive impact on your community by demonstrating leadership around youth employment and sparking innovation.

Is your company looking for new, innovative ways to increase hiring, retention, and advancement within your organization?

Participating Employers


Benefits of Joining

  • Learn from coalition members and leverage best practices to attract and retain a motivated and diverse workforce.
  • Create efficiencies in recruitment and retention, while reducing costs associated with turnover and unfilled positions.
  • Streamline access to skills and potential from one of America’s fastest growing populations by connecting with nonprofit organizations that are preparing youth to enter the workforce.
  • Network with like-minded companies that are making a positive impact on youth and their communities.

Commitment Made When Joining

  • Share your expertise and learning with other coalition members.
  • Participate in meetings, innovation groups, hiring fairs, and/or research studies.
  • Contribute to changing the narrative about opportunity youth by sharing success stories about opportunity youth at your company.
  • Contribute to the growing body of evidence regarding the business value of hiring opportunity youth by sharing hiring and demographic data with the initiative.

I truly believe that these young men and women represent the most significant untapped source of productivity and talent for our economy, and America’s leading companies are ready to hire them.

Howard Schultz, Chairman & CEO of Starbucks and Co-Founder of the Schultz Family Foundation