A national movement of employers, foundations, and community organizations, we’re committed to reinventing our hiring, retention, and advancement practices, to hire and train opportunity youth.

Since 2015, we’ve brought together more than 55 national employers with private sector and non-profit partners. We’re working together to access new sources of talent that have not traditionally been included in our nation’s prosperity. We’ve already met our first goal of ensuring 100,000 opportunity youth got hired and were supported to succeed.

We’re now on track to ensure one million opportunity youth are hired by 2025.

Our Approach

Build a Corporate Coalition

Create and share best practices around the recruitment, retention, and advancement of opportunity youth.

Activate Demonstration Cities

Collaborate with community-based organizations that serve as the “back bone” for our ongoing hiring efforts in seven demonstration cities across the country.

Convene Catalytic Events

Support city-specific events, like Opportunity Hiring Fairs, that generate excitement, galvanize community leaders, and bring youth and employers together.

Who are Opportunity Youth?

There are five million American youth ages 16-24, brimming with potential, out of school, and ready to work.

Too often, these opportunity youth, who frequently are people of color and come from communities with low incomes, are marginalized and disconnected from our economy.

In terms of lost revenues and increased social services, it is estimated that the country would save $93
billion annually if it connected these talented young people to careers.

This initiative is here to change that.

"Through this partnership, we'll be able to equip more young Washingtonians with the skills they need to succeed in DC’s job market, help them find jobs in the community, and get them on pathways to the middle class.”

The Honorable Muriel BowserMayor of Washington, D.C.

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Our Funders

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is a sponsored project of National Philanthropic Trust, a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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