Connecting Employers and Young Job Seekers

We’re closing the employment gap so everyone wins

The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative is a broad coalition of employers and community partners committed to hiring opportunity youth and helping businesses thrive.
Our nation brims with five million opportunity youth, ages 16-24, out of school, ready to work, and filled with potential. With 7.1 million job openings, employers seek strong talent.
We’re connecting these youth to jobs, apprenticeships, and internships, and helping businesses build their talent pipelines.

Our Impact

opportunity youth hired in entry-level jobs since 2015
community-based organizations supporting their success
corporate partners working to hire and retain opportunity youth

Our Evolving Strategy

Our goal is for a million opportunity youth to be hired by 2021.
To help define the work ahead, we’re releasing a report, Looking to the Future: Assessing Success & Charting a Path Forward, to assess our accomplishments and develop steps for success.

Coalition Partners

We’ve built a powerful coalition of more than 55 nationwide employers.

100k LA Opportunity Fair

Opportunity youth bring such a diversity and passion to our businesses…I actually think we get much more out of them then they get from us.

Ferril Onyett Learning & Organizational Development Director, Taco Bell

My whole experience has been pretty amazing. I want to work in this industry the rest of my life.

EthanOpportunity Youth & Barista, Starbucks


100k Opportunities map

Our Communities

Since 2015, we’ve been working in seven demonstration cities, launching large hiring fairs and job retention efforts to connect employers and opportunity youth. The process is supported by local organizations that provide skills training, education services, and case management to ensure success in hiring and retention.

News and Updates

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The 100,000 Opportunities Initiative Plans for Future Success

New report charts a strategy to reach the goal of hiring one million opportunity youth.

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National Youth Hiring Day Recap

Broad success connecting opportunity youth with employers!

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